Video production

Digital online videos

At Koast Graphic we produce digital online videos. In addition to filming and editing we also incorporate video graphics and animations.

While we hunger for the opportunity to create motion graphics, the main focus of our video production services is clarity, legibility and getting your message across. These include:

  • » interviews and vox pops
  • » motion graphics
  • » company reviews and updates
  • » product launches.

Google loves video

Adding a video to your website will benefit your Google search engine ranking. Keywords and headings are very important for your website search engine optimisation (SEO). Yet, embedding a video could be just as important and provide the perfect solution to gaining more customers.

Furthermore, potential customers stay on your website longer. Ultimately this signals to Google that your website is popular. So Google begins to pushes your website higher up the search results page.

Well produced video

Almost everyone is naturally curious and have a desire to discover and learn new things. What better way to show and tell your company products or services than through a professionally produced video.

Video productions by Koast Graphics compliment your company’s marketing message. Because Koast Graphics have many years experience your video will be produced to the highest quality.

Thorough video production process

Probably the first phase of any video production is the planning. Another important phase is scoping. Scoping is the process that involves determining a list of specific goals, tasks and deadlines.

When filming and editing are complete we move onto the review stage. Almost inevitably the video will require some minor alterations. Once the review stage is complete and the video is approved we move to distribution. Finally you share your video on your website, YouTube or social media channels.

Our approach

First of all we listen, we take notes and ask questions. Rather than assuming we know what your goals are, we learn. Getting to know each other is an essential first step. We want to know your company’s needs. And you want to know that you can trust us to deliver and get the job done.

As a result we learn more about each other which leads to a better business relationship. At Koast Graphics we pride ourselves on building long term, fruitful partnerships. Send us your details and we’ll be in touch.