Graphic design

Book design, reports and advertising

At Koast Graphic we specialise on long form information design, like books with loads of words. While we relish the opportunity to design logos and icons, the main focus of our business is creating clear documentation. These include:

  • » instructional books
  • » methodology guides
  • » business reviews
  • » financial reports.

Rather than concentrate on one media we prepare artwork for traditional print and digital publications. Furthermore we prepare design work for print, and digital marketing material, including infographics, advertisements, banners and posters.

Style and branding graphics

Another aspect of graphics we enjoy working with clients on are style guides. And also developing branding graphics to convey your companies marketing message.

A brand style guide is a set of instructions on how best to display your company logo and branding. Since company logos are no longer just printed on business cards and letterheads, we must consider other applications. So we need to create your company logo to work as an icon, an advertising banner, title slide and video idents.

Company logo design

Imagine your company logo printed in one colour or inverted. Or perhaps your logo needs to be reduced in size for social media channels. Another problem we may face is orientation – have you considered how your logo work horizontally or in landscape format?

Consider how your company logo would look? Would it be clear and recognisable? Consequently a carefully designed style guide is essential for today’s marketing world. Perhaps you don’t have a brand style guide? No problem, we can create one with you.

Collaborative design projects

While it is probably best to employ a full-time designer to produce your businesses marketing material, it is not always economical to do so. The next best thing is to hire a designer who can work with your team, on a project by project basis.

Also, it is best to hire a designer with the years of experience and first hand knowledge of being a full-time in-house designer. Therefore is makes sense to use the creative talent on offer at Koast Graphics. Where our designers work with your staff as though they were part of your team.

Our approach

First of all we listen, we take notes and ask questions. Rather than assuming we know what your goals are, we learn. Getting to know each other is an essential first step. We want to know your company’s needs. And you want to know that you can trust us to deliver and get the job done.

As a result we learn more about each other which leads to a better business relationship. At Koast Graphics we pride ourselves on building long term, fruitful partnerships. Send us your contact details and we’ll be in touch.